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drinking driving boating DUI attorney lawyerAn aggressive, knowledgeable, effective defense is your best bet on protecting your rights.

Whether you have been stopped at a drunk driving roadblock, or arrested for drinking and driving, being accused of drunk driving is the beginning of a confusing and sometimes shattering string of events.  Don't face it without the best DUI attorney you can find!

When you are charged with drunk driving it may seem that the cards are stacked against you. But a DUI charge can be beat!

A DUI, Drunk Driving, Drinking and Driving Defense Attorney can Help!

Blood alcohol test methods may be flawed, and are subject to interferences and operator error.

  • The instrument most often used, the breathalyzer (Alco-Sensor IV), measures a methyl group rather than ethyl alcohol (ethanol) itself, and thus the reading could be a result of a different chemical altogether.
  • High blood alcohol levels may not be indicative of alcohol consumption.
  • Experiments have shown several factors can influence the amount of alcohol found by blood alcohol test, thus calling into question whether blood alcohol is a reliable measure of consumption.

As an Experienced California Drunk Driving Lawyer, I Know the Potential Costs of A Conviction

A loose tie or a rumpled shirt may be cited as evidence that you are drunk. Even your attitude, whether you are friendly, scared, annoyed or nervous, will be used as evidence against you. Every word you say to the police will be paraphrased or twisted into a confession. The prosecutor will use your falling into the trap of not properly following instructions, such as by using your arms to balance yourself, which is a normal physiological response, to nail the lid shut on his case. Even looking for your license and registration will be used against you.

Do not gamble on going to court without an attorney.

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