DUI Driving or Boating; You Need a Lawyer

Guilty or Not-Guilty; You Have a Right To a Strong Defense

DUI Save Your Job Save Your LiscenceAn aggressive, knowledgeable, effective defense is your best bet on protecting your rights.

MARK MALACHOWSKI Esq., JD, MS, BS provides expertise including:

  • Breath Testing Procedures and Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) as a DUI defense - Contra Costa Bar Association - Alco-Sensor IV test and Draeger MK-III dual technology (infra-red and electrochemical) test: Theory of operation, interferences, mouth alcohol correction, and GERD.
  • Fifteen years working as a chemical consultant.
  • Use and Calibration of Alco-Sensor IV Certified: This breathalyzer used by the CHP and many other police departments. The training concentrated on sources of error and conflicts with regulations that may render the results invalid or inadmissible as evidence, providing a defense to breath alcohol results. The training also covered the proper administration of field sobriety tests, such as the nystagmus, and various balance and acuity tests.Do not gamble on going to court without an attorney.

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