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Lab Rat Star Arrested for DUI


Disney Star Billy Unger was arrested for DUI on June 30, 2014. The 18-year-old Lab Rat star was driving in Malibu when he was pulled over for speeding. Unger blew a 0.08 BAC which is just over the the legal limit for an adult, but since he is under 21 he cannot have any alcohol in his system or it is considered under the influence.

Kerry Kennedy DUI Charges Not Guilty

Kerry Kennedy was acquitted in New York on 2/28/14 of DUI charges. Kennedy testified she grabbed the wrong prescription bottle and swallowed a sleeping pill. She sideswiped a tractor-trailer and was found slumped over her steering wheel. The prosecution accused Kennedy of lying.



Chris Kattan was Arrested for DUI

Chris Kattan, formerly Mango of Saturday Night Live was arrested for DUI in Southern California in February. Kattan was allegedly driving under the influence of prescription pills. Please note that driving under the influence of even legal prescription pills can lead to a DUI arrest.

Tanya Weyker vs Sheriff Deputy Joseph Quiles

Constitutional Corner - False Arrest

Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputy Joseph Quiles ran a stop sign and T-boned Tanya Weyker's car in February 2013. Tanya's neck was broken in four places. Weyker was arrested for drunk driving (she had a BAC of 0.00 - cold stone sober) and blamed for the collision. However, even when surveillance camera footage showed Quilesnot stopping at the stop sign, the DA still wanted Tanya to pay for the damages. The officer has filed for permanent disability, which means he will make big bucks and can retire early, and was not charged with filing a phony police report. Tanya is out of work, has a broken neck, and medical bills.

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